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Image of Zenni protective goggles #A70180316 on a white platform, surrounded by tools that are painted white.

Non-Prescription Protective Goggles

General-purpose protection for low-impact home or shop projects.

Image of Ashley (@shesthecarpenter) wearing Zenni fitover and protective goggles #A70180521.

DIY Protection

Protect the eyes from dust and other particulate matter when working on your favorite projects.

Image of an icon for Blokz, blue-blocker lenses, against a blue background.

Blue Light

Shield your eyes from harmful blue light by adding Blokz lenses starting at $16.95 to your protective eyewear.

Image of an icon for a fog cloud. Image of a woman wearing face mask wearing round glasses.

New Defog

Pre-moistened, individually wrapped wipes are a convenient way to keep any lenses fog-free.

Image of a woman using a power drill, wearing Zenni Z87.1 safety glasses #749812.

Need More Protective Eyewear?

We offer a wide selection of protective eyewear, including affordable ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses, sport goggles, and general-purpose protective glasses.